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Escape Breathing Set


Model:THRS 10/ THRS 15

Cylinder Volume: 2/3L
Working Pressure: 21MPA
Performance time 10/15 min
Alarm Pressure: 4-6 MPA
Approval: CCS/EC 1.Emergency Escape Breathing Deviceare only used for escape from a compartment that a hazardous atmoasphere to provide personel breathing protection
2.Not be used for fighing fire, entering oxygen defi-cient voids or tanks , or worn by fire fighters 
3.there is a pressure gauge on the cylinder to indicate the cylinder pressure. the cylinder pressure of EEBD is not indicated by a pressure gauge during storaging
4.the hood is a flame resistant head cover which completely covers the head ,neck, and may cover portions of the shoulders , there is a clear window on it 

  portable breathing apparatus typeemergency escape breathing apparatus (EEBD) is based on the IMO MSC.98 (73) adoption of the resolution, on July 1, 2002 as required by mandatory type "international fire safety systems" design and manufacture of marine products. 

This product is certified by the CCS, with shipping.
 It consists of compressed air bottle, pressure reducer, pressure gauge, gas ducts, hoods, backpacks and other components, can provide individuals more than 10 or 15 minutes of constant gas, available in a toxic, hazardous, smoke, oxygen environment personnel escape use.

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